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Eldest (Inheritance Cycle, Book 2) (The Inheritance Cycle)

Eldest - Christopher Paolini A great sequel to an awesome series! You don't leave me disappointed Christopher Paolini! The story just keeps geting better and better and I think that is this series best qaulity, the story.
Two things though I felt wanting. One, the relationship with Eragon and Arya is too subplotted and I won't to know what she is thinking. I know nothing of Arya herself, besides her history. And two, I won't more touching moments with Saphira!
To step this up though, I will have to see more perpectives. I like how the author put in Roran's but honestly I got bored with him. He is kind of two dementional.
His writing is slowly getting better as well.
Plus Eragon has really grown up, I hate when the characters don't change but he sure does a lot.
Lastly, I love how the autor puts moral dilemmas into his books.
Thus this book deserves another 7/10!


Firelight - Sophie Jordan I liked this one, but I don't know why. The story line sucked and the characters sucked. Maybe I am just a sucker for this kind of thing though. I guess I just like the idea. The writing wasn't bad as far as YAs go.
One thing that really pissed me off though was that she could never make up her mind. Her will power really lacked.
Very diferrent from most dragon books I would rate this a 3/10! Will read the next one soon because I know there is more to discover here.

Tiger's Quest (Tiger's Curse Series #2)

Tiger's Quest  - Colleen Houck This one is much better than the first, more demntion.
Now the love triangle is getting more intense. Yes! Plus, still really cool myths and legends connected to this urban tale.
Have I said that I really like this curse. What a cool idea.
Also, this series is improving, Kels is growing up! That is a sure sign of a good story.
Another 4/10!

Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1)

Eragon - Christopher Paolini I have read this book numerous times and I have never gotten bored of it. I love the idea of it all and it makes me envy Eragon for his relationship with Saphira. This is definitely an epic tale with an epic story to tell.
One of the better YA novels I have read and also the first, it is face paced and hides many secrets waiting to be uncovered.
Thank you Chritopher Paolini for inspiring me!
The writing is lower level but besides that I am happy to give this book a 7/10!

Tiger's Curse (Book 1)

Tiger's Curse (Book 1) - Colleen Houck One of the better YA Romance I have read because of the myths and history involved. I mean wow, the author really works hard to find these sources. Props for that! They intigued me and it is an added bonus.
However, like most YA, the writing is bad and this author gives me way to much detail. I don't need to know what you made for breakfast!
Also I would like to know more about Kishan. Where is he in this book! I thought this was a love triangle?
A 4/10! On to the next one!

Draconia: Forging Trust

Draconia: Forging Trust - F.J. Hansen F. J. Hansen's book didnt turn out how I thought it would but it wasn't bad at all. Don't judge the cover for the qaulity of the book. Varthikes was a real interest for me and Audwin and his friendship really inspire. The deput novel in Dragonia is fast paced and reminds me of "A Beautiful Friendship" by David Weber; In fact, that is how I was recommended this book.

Somethings that really bugged me however was how the point of view kept on changing. Maybe between like 8 characters, that is just too much. I would have been happy with the two main characters and the antagonists. Also, I was hard to see the bond grow between them, they never got the chance to just have a moment you know, or it was cut short. Lastly; the background information was insuffient, not enough. I want to know more about the world that they are on, the dragon's society, the galatic empires and species, and most of all the character past. The brief discription of these didn't get the job done.

So considering all this I will give this book a 3/10. Not very good I know but I am going to continue this series because I like the idea.

Changes: Volume Three of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel)

Changes - Mercedes Lackey Book 3 of the Collegium Chronicles was just like the others. Well written, fast paced; I liked it very much. However, it seems that I am forever to wonder about my previous concerns; mostly not knowing Dallen. The world is expanding a bit, but still not enough for me. The stakes are getting higher and Mags is maturing. But I still know little about his ancestry, which I was hoping to be reveiled now. Alas, the author is instead making sure that I read the next one to find out. But you know what they say the sign of a true author is one that keeps you reading against your will. (Hehehehehe)
One thing that caught my eye though was the crystal, if you read it you now what I mean, but I think it extends the characters abilities nicely and explains much. I still am not sure about the Bond with Chosen and Companion but the crystal leaves nibbles for me to chew on. I also enjoy Amily and Mag's relationship, it is the very little romance needed to complete the tale. Lastly, is it only me who thinks Mags deserves his Whites? I mean how many students actually do what he does, except maybe Harry Potter.
Another 8/10, good job Mercedes Lackey. Sad am I that i will have to wait so long for the last book in this tale.

Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel

Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel - J.D. Tyler I know, I know; I see the judgement written all over your face. Yes, I do like Paranormal Romance (to some degree) and yes I do like Erotica (if it actually has a story line). It is cheesy and what if I like cheesy sometimes? Anyway I pick up this book because I was in one of those moods, It was on impulse... which is bad and I shouldnt do it. But luckily I wasn't let down, actually it is quite interesting. Alpha Pack's book 1 story line intrigue me and I like the characters. Its no t one of those swooning authors who wanted to fill the novel with clich'es to fullfill her of sexual inpulses. Instead it appears that she thought this out. Well done! You don't find any of those often. It reminded me of a just as cheesy series of Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews. Those are some fun little reads as well.
I really liked the doubt put in the story of pre-destined lovers. Nice touch. I read a lot about those and none of the characters seem to have a problem with something like that, it would bother me at least a little bit. Now, down to bussiness... the sex was written I think well, it wasnt over kill, quick in pace; although I think it happened one too many times. (shrug) I really respect the J. D. Tyler for pushing the boundaries on sex in a different species though; I only know of one other author who did that, Alan F. Troop. Sometimes, when I am in a bad mood i write Erotica, if you are writer you should try it. It is very intertaining.
6/10. I await the next novel, until then...

The Outstretched Shadow (The Obsidian Mountain Trilogy, 1)

The Outstretched Shadow - James Mallory, Mercedes Lackey Watch out because Mercedes Lackey has done it again with book one of the Obsidian Trilogy! Before I start though I got to say that this author needs to be on every fantasy shelf, not becuase she is the best or anything but because her writing is exceptional! She writes like she breaths. Enthralling you with words, giving descriptions that you normally wouldn't enjoy reading (becuase you just want to know what happens next!) but htis time you devour like a starve soul. I will give you an example; in this book there is really evil and vile, etc., parts that make me want to cringe but at the same time is distrubingly compelling. It caught at a primative, beasial side of me that I was afraid to embrace. So good! I could feel myself reveling in the evil, even though it was counter produtive to the protaginists. And suprisingly the very black and white goodversus evil bit isn't cleche, it makes sense. So check out her books; she co-wrote this one with James Mallory. Anyway, I was delighted in this book; it moves slowly (and is so long... YA!) but I didn't care! It flowed from one scene to the next like water. I couldn't put it down! With magic, mythical races, and "gods." Not to mention the racism, youthful angst, freedom, evil, love; it has got it all and more. But most of all it is real... or at least as real as a fantasy should be. Absolutely an "epic" tale! (plus it has a unicorn) Hahahaha.
Definately one of the better works by these authors. An amazing 8/10. (which is pretty prestige for me) I can't wait to see what happens next!

Intrigues: Book Two of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel)

Intrigues - Mercedes Lackey Book 2 of the Collegium Chronicles is a good addition to the series! With Mags and Dallen you are woven into the politics of the nation, witness friendships put to the test, and brought to the mind of a boys doubt in himself and the world around him. Mags is a endearing character, the most sacraficial person I have ever read about, which doesn't match his past experiences but I like it. Also his doubt does seem to go over board but it is within reason, unlike so many of the other coming of age novels.

However, I do wish that I new more about how these characters interactions in the world effect that world and how that world effects them. It feels like my veiw of the world is so narrow compared to the other Vlademar books, maybe because it is from a boys perspective. In addiction, Dallen is still a mystery to me, and if you read the last review on "Foundation" I said as much as well.

One thing I really enjoyed though was the Kirball game. I wanted to play it! Stragedy, speed, teamwork, and dangerous. Awesome! It reminded me of Quidditch from the "Harry Potter" series. The last thing I have to say though is that I think Mags friends owe him a bigger apology than what he got.

Another good score for another one of your book Mercedes Lackey,7/10! Getting the next book in the mail in a couple of days and am going to dig right into it right when it gets here. You should too, until then!

Moon In The Mirror: A Tess Noncoire Adventure

Moon in the Mirror - P.R. Frost The second book in the Tess Noncoire Adventures by P. R. Frost is engaging and really really fast paced. Like almost too much, the absurd situations that goes on in this small span of time is unbelievable! It is really hard to follow because the story line is all jumbled up and doesn't make much sense but still an enjoyable read. The closest thing I can describe it as is a supernatural soap opera. Meaning that the book is fun but honestly didnt provide anything meaningfull for me. However, I did learn alot from studying the legends and myths and tales that she uses. I will give her credit where it is due, she does know alot of fictional history and blends it into our world well. Also, (probably the only reason I am still reading from this author) her humor actually works, she is funny! The story is all ready so silly that it doesn't down play the plot. Here comedy has a good place to pop up (I have mentioned before that too many urban fantasy authors are trying to be comedians... and failing). The first book is the same; sorry the is no review for it, I read it a long time ago.
I guess I am on an urban fantasy morothon, which is odd becuase no matter how much I mock the genre I still seem to come back to it. Anyway, for reasons that I mentioned above I give this novel a 4/10, fun but just too much.

Foundation: The Collegium Chronicles (Valdemar)

Foundation - Mercedes Lackey Placed in the Vlademar world created by Mercedes Lackey, fans that have visited it before will not be disapointed. The Collegium Chronicles is a little different than the others being that its setting is at a school with a boy as the protaganist, reminding me a lot of Harry Poter. I have always loved the Companion qaulity about these books, just what I am always looking for, a friendship with deep bonds of magic and love. Also it is really fun to veiw the whole history of one nation.

This team is of Mags and Dallen, the orphaned abused miner saved by the a magnificient horse. Now I love this book but there is one thing that I can't help but think about. I don't get to see Dallen point of veiw. You don't normally get the Companion's point of veiw but seeing as we actually get to speak with this one only makes me want to know more about him.

Sounds intersting right, well it is. I can see that story has lots more to tell so I am eargerly awaiting more! A 7/10!

Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, Book 2)

Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs The next novel in the Alpha and Omega series was better than the first. The world expanded a bit and I like how the author incorperated old legends into the story. I didn't particulary like how she changed this legend, but thats okay. I do have to say something about this series though, I am really glad that she didn't try to be humorous (you know what I am talking about). It bugs the krap out of me when authors try to fill it up with mediocre shits and giggles. It makes the story seem fake or pushed. Sure, I love laughing just as much as the next guy, but only when it actually flows with the tale. There is one thing I would like to have seen, however it would have changed the genre to erotica, but the sex scenes are not described at all (and no I am no a pervert, I just thought it would add to the story).
I have read a lot of work by this author and respect her a lot. Thank you Patricia for setting the bar in urban fantasy! A 5/10!

Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega, Book 1)

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs This series by Patricia Briggs, called Alpha and Omega, is honestly the best modern fantasy/ paranormal romance I have ever read! (I don't give modern fantasy much merit though, sorry) It actually has a story line, mind not one that follows any sense (as is often seen in modern fantasy). Anyway, the characters are 3 demensional, so that is good. Still I was disapointed by the narrow world I was shown and the anti-climatic ending. Oh well. Not much else to say about this series, just one of those good quick reads that you do in one night and then forget about later in life.
If you have read the Mercy Thompson series, this one is placed in the same world. However, it focuses on the love interest more. So since I consider this one of the best of it's genre I give it a 5/10.

The Son of Summer Stars (Birth of the Firebringer)

The Son of Summer Stars - Meredith Ann Pierce Another great hit and a thrilling conclusion to the Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce! It susceeded in uniting all the subplots and creating an epic ending to the "big" plot in general. I was very satisfied. Pierce has a very formal way of writing that suits the tale and I like how the tale is told by a supporting character, interesting way to go. Also, God is referenced many times but in a different guise. I don't know about you but everytime I read Christian literature in a fantasy setting it turns the magical meter off. I then lose interest, sad I know but for the first time it didn't happen. Pierce accomplished the hard combination of Christanity and Fantasy. Good jod! Most of all however, is the adressing in depth emotions and issues that everyone goes through in life, I like her veiw on it. Lastly take a look at the cover... now, I got to say that this cover rocks! Like all of the other covers it has a kind of bleery qaulity that draws you into the motion of the story.
Anyway, if you love unicorns, are christian, philisophical meanderings, or a exciting fantasy story; then this series is for you. Thank you Pierce for the great journey that I will never forget. Another 7/10!

Dark Moon (Firebringer Trilogy)

Dark Moon - Meredith Ann Pierce The second book to the Firebringer Trilogy didnt let me down, in fact it exceeded expectations! The book is written by Meredeth Ann Pierce and I have got to say she enthralled me with her veiw on the lives lived as a unicorn. If you are reading this now don't ride this off as a childrens fairy tale; if you look, you can see deep concepts in this work of art. I have no doubt that this was written for children but she didnt leave out the serious stuff in this either that you would consider to not be in a YA novel. There is complicated family ties, war and racism, gods and religon, love and madness. Everything that any reader would want just put in a way that the younger generation would not see it so keenly.
The thing that really struck me though is the engery edmitting from this book, it is contagious and thrilling. I feel like I ran the wide Plain at breakneck speed with Jan, along his journey. So I don't have any complaints for this wonderous story except that I wouldn't have minded it to be more dark, but then there are the kids.
I dub this book a 7/10.