The Advance Guard (Phantom Squadron, #1)

The Advance Guard (Phantom Squadron, #1) - Don A. Martinez I would like to point out that this author had a interesting idea (that I wished had worked), but that often is the case. The written story doesn't amount to what was expected (especially when someone tries to twist a cliche).
Thus execution in this book was off, just not enough back story or character development. I was left following a sequence of events that I foreshadowed miles away.
Unfortunately, books that throw in fantasy into the modern world are extremely difficult to do, and I admire the author for trying but the story left me unsatisfied. I didn't feel like it was actually happening (at least in the sense when readers get so engrossed in a novel they forget about the real world and only think about the one the author created, making it your new reality) and I didn't feel attached to the characters, not nearly enough time to connect with or enough material for me to sympathizes with them.
Consider all of this I still didn't hate the novel. I liked it enough to finish and I still might read the next book in the series. So it does have some redeeming factors, but the negative factors weigh more. Overall all I would just call this book "immature;" meaning that if was just rewritten to correct some of the mistakes then it would be quite a good book. A 2/10!