Draconia: Forging Trust

Draconia: Forging Trust - F.J. Hansen F. J. Hansen's book didnt turn out how I thought it would but it wasn't bad at all. Don't judge the cover for the qaulity of the book. Varthikes was a real interest for me and Audwin and his friendship really inspire. The deput novel in Dragonia is fast paced and reminds me of "A Beautiful Friendship" by David Weber; In fact, that is how I was recommended this book.

Somethings that really bugged me however was how the point of view kept on changing. Maybe between like 8 characters, that is just too much. I would have been happy with the two main characters and the antagonists. Also, I was hard to see the bond grow between them, they never got the chance to just have a moment you know, or it was cut short. Lastly; the background information was insuffient, not enough. I want to know more about the world that they are on, the dragon's society, the galatic empires and species, and most of all the character past. The brief discription of these didn't get the job done.

So considering all this I will give this book a 3/10. Not very good I know but I am going to continue this series because I like the idea.