Sky Emblem

Sky Emblem - Christopher Hwang, Andrea Radeck Before I begin, I would like to commend the author for his brilliant ideas he applied in this book. Very different from contemporary fantasy.
However, the reason I gave it 2 stars is because I can see that the author had trouble writing what he was trying to convey.
Christopher created two dimensional characters with little back story and half realized emotions. And a plot that left little description because the story was rushed.
I really was looking forward to reading such an interesting story, the synapse sounded very fun, but I was left disappointed with execution of the book. Not much more to say but that I thought this story could have had more potential. That is not to say I didn't enjoy it but like I said it was only half done. If the author writes another, which I encourage so that his writing gets good enough compliment his ideas, I will read it. A 3/10!