The Princess and the Hound

The Princess and the Hound - Mette Ivie Harrison What felt like a really classic romance fairy tale. I really felt like it was old times, where mysterious things are possible and love comes true no matter the difficulties. With classic romances though comes foreshadowing that is way too obvious.
Although, I like the twist that she put on the Beauty and the Beast story. With the man as the protaganist and the women as the "beast." Very refreshing! One thing that bug me though was that the characters were incredible dense. However, I did feel their emotion, which is much more important in my humble opinion. The author somehow made me sympathetic to them even though generally they weren't very smart.
Another thing I would to have liked to have seen is more of the culture with the animals. Honestly, the animals are much more interesting.
Despite all that though a good YA and r one of my new favorites. So you should read it, I know I will be reading more of this series! A 6/10!