Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel

Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel - J.D. Tyler I know, I know; I see the judgement written all over your face. Yes, I do like Paranormal Romance (to some degree) and yes I do like Erotica (if it actually has a story line). It is cheesy and what if I like cheesy sometimes? Anyway I pick up this book because I was in one of those moods, It was on impulse... which is bad and I shouldnt do it. But luckily I wasn't let down, actually it is quite interesting. Alpha Pack's book 1 story line intrigue me and I like the characters. Its no t one of those swooning authors who wanted to fill the novel with clich'es to fullfill her of sexual inpulses. Instead it appears that she thought this out. Well done! You don't find any of those often. It reminded me of a just as cheesy series of Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews. Those are some fun little reads as well.
I really liked the doubt put in the story of pre-destined lovers. Nice touch. I read a lot about those and none of the characters seem to have a problem with something like that, it would bother me at least a little bit. Now, down to bussiness... the sex was written I think well, it wasnt over kill, quick in pace; although I think it happened one too many times. (shrug) I really respect the J. D. Tyler for pushing the boundaries on sex in a different species though; I only know of one other author who did that, Alan F. Troop. Sometimes, when I am in a bad mood i write Erotica, if you are writer you should try it. It is very intertaining.
6/10. I await the next novel, until then...