The Outstretched Shadow (The Obsidian Mountain Trilogy, 1)

The Outstretched Shadow - James Mallory, Mercedes Lackey Watch out because Mercedes Lackey has done it again with book one of the Obsidian Trilogy! Before I start though I got to say that this author needs to be on every fantasy shelf, not becuase she is the best or anything but because her writing is exceptional! She writes like she breaths. Enthralling you with words, giving descriptions that you normally wouldn't enjoy reading (becuase you just want to know what happens next!) but htis time you devour like a starve soul. I will give you an example; in this book there is really evil and vile, etc., parts that make me want to cringe but at the same time is distrubingly compelling. It caught at a primative, beasial side of me that I was afraid to embrace. So good! I could feel myself reveling in the evil, even though it was counter produtive to the protaginists. And suprisingly the very black and white goodversus evil bit isn't cleche, it makes sense. So check out her books; she co-wrote this one with James Mallory. Anyway, I was delighted in this book; it moves slowly (and is so long... YA!) but I didn't care! It flowed from one scene to the next like water. I couldn't put it down! With magic, mythical races, and "gods." Not to mention the racism, youthful angst, freedom, evil, love; it has got it all and more. But most of all it is real... or at least as real as a fantasy should be. Absolutely an "epic" tale! (plus it has a unicorn) Hahahaha.
Definately one of the better works by these authors. An amazing 8/10. (which is pretty prestige for me) I can't wait to see what happens next!