Changes: Volume Three of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel)

Changes - Mercedes Lackey Book 3 of the Collegium Chronicles was just like the others. Well written, fast paced; I liked it very much. However, it seems that I am forever to wonder about my previous concerns; mostly not knowing Dallen. The world is expanding a bit, but still not enough for me. The stakes are getting higher and Mags is maturing. But I still know little about his ancestry, which I was hoping to be reveiled now. Alas, the author is instead making sure that I read the next one to find out. But you know what they say the sign of a true author is one that keeps you reading against your will. (Hehehehehe)
One thing that caught my eye though was the crystal, if you read it you now what I mean, but I think it extends the characters abilities nicely and explains much. I still am not sure about the Bond with Chosen and Companion but the crystal leaves nibbles for me to chew on. I also enjoy Amily and Mag's relationship, it is the very little romance needed to complete the tale. Lastly, is it only me who thinks Mags deserves his Whites? I mean how many students actually do what he does, except maybe Harry Potter.
Another 8/10, good job Mercedes Lackey. Sad am I that i will have to wait so long for the last book in this tale.