Moon In The Mirror: A Tess Noncoire Adventure

Moon in the Mirror - P.R. Frost The second book in the Tess Noncoire Adventures by P. R. Frost is engaging and really really fast paced. Like almost too much, the absurd situations that goes on in this small span of time is unbelievable! It is really hard to follow because the story line is all jumbled up and doesn't make much sense but still an enjoyable read. The closest thing I can describe it as is a supernatural soap opera. Meaning that the book is fun but honestly didnt provide anything meaningfull for me. However, I did learn alot from studying the legends and myths and tales that she uses. I will give her credit where it is due, she does know alot of fictional history and blends it into our world well. Also, (probably the only reason I am still reading from this author) her humor actually works, she is funny! The story is all ready so silly that it doesn't down play the plot. Here comedy has a good place to pop up (I have mentioned before that too many urban fantasy authors are trying to be comedians... and failing). The first book is the same; sorry the is no review for it, I read it a long time ago.
I guess I am on an urban fantasy morothon, which is odd becuase no matter how much I mock the genre I still seem to come back to it. Anyway, for reasons that I mentioned above I give this novel a 4/10, fun but just too much.