Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, Book 2)

Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs The next novel in the Alpha and Omega series was better than the first. The world expanded a bit and I like how the author incorperated old legends into the story. I didn't particulary like how she changed this legend, but thats okay. I do have to say something about this series though, I am really glad that she didn't try to be humorous (you know what I am talking about). It bugs the krap out of me when authors try to fill it up with mediocre shits and giggles. It makes the story seem fake or pushed. Sure, I love laughing just as much as the next guy, but only when it actually flows with the tale. There is one thing I would like to have seen, however it would have changed the genre to erotica, but the sex scenes are not described at all (and no I am no a pervert, I just thought it would add to the story).
I have read a lot of work by this author and respect her a lot. Thank you Patricia for setting the bar in urban fantasy! A 5/10!