Eldest (Inheritance Cycle, Book 2) (The Inheritance Cycle)

Eldest - Christopher Paolini A great sequel to an awesome series! You don't leave me disappointed Christopher Paolini! The story just keeps geting better and better and I think that is this series best qaulity, the story.
Two things though I felt wanting. One, the relationship with Eragon and Arya is too subplotted and I won't to know what she is thinking. I know nothing of Arya herself, besides her history. And two, I won't more touching moments with Saphira!
To step this up though, I will have to see more perpectives. I like how the author put in Roran's but honestly I got bored with him. He is kind of two dementional.
His writing is slowly getting better as well.
Plus Eragon has really grown up, I hate when the characters don't change but he sure does a lot.
Lastly, I love how the autor puts moral dilemmas into his books.
Thus this book deserves another 7/10!