Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega, Book 1)

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs This series by Patricia Briggs, called Alpha and Omega, is honestly the best modern fantasy/ paranormal romance I have ever read! (I don't give modern fantasy much merit though, sorry) It actually has a story line, mind not one that follows any sense (as is often seen in modern fantasy). Anyway, the characters are 3 demensional, so that is good. Still I was disapointed by the narrow world I was shown and the anti-climatic ending. Oh well. Not much else to say about this series, just one of those good quick reads that you do in one night and then forget about later in life.
If you have read the Mercy Thompson series, this one is placed in the same world. However, it focuses on the love interest more. So since I consider this one of the best of it's genre I give it a 5/10.