Intrigues: Book Two of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel)

Intrigues - Mercedes Lackey Book 2 of the Collegium Chronicles is a good addition to the series! With Mags and Dallen you are woven into the politics of the nation, witness friendships put to the test, and brought to the mind of a boys doubt in himself and the world around him. Mags is a endearing character, the most sacraficial person I have ever read about, which doesn't match his past experiences but I like it. Also his doubt does seem to go over board but it is within reason, unlike so many of the other coming of age novels.

However, I do wish that I new more about how these characters interactions in the world effect that world and how that world effects them. It feels like my veiw of the world is so narrow compared to the other Vlademar books, maybe because it is from a boys perspective. In addiction, Dallen is still a mystery to me, and if you read the last review on "Foundation" I said as much as well.

One thing I really enjoyed though was the Kirball game. I wanted to play it! Stragedy, speed, teamwork, and dangerous. Awesome! It reminded me of Quidditch from the "Harry Potter" series. The last thing I have to say though is that I think Mags friends owe him a bigger apology than what he got.

Another good score for another one of your book Mercedes Lackey,7/10! Getting the next book in the mail in a couple of days and am going to dig right into it right when it gets here. You should too, until then!