Foundation: The Collegium Chronicles (Valdemar)

Foundation - Mercedes Lackey Placed in the Vlademar world created by Mercedes Lackey, fans that have visited it before will not be disapointed. The Collegium Chronicles is a little different than the others being that its setting is at a school with a boy as the protaganist, reminding me a lot of Harry Poter. I have always loved the Companion qaulity about these books, just what I am always looking for, a friendship with deep bonds of magic and love. Also it is really fun to veiw the whole history of one nation.

This team is of Mags and Dallen, the orphaned abused miner saved by the a magnificient horse. Now I love this book but there is one thing that I can't help but think about. I don't get to see Dallen point of veiw. You don't normally get the Companion's point of veiw but seeing as we actually get to speak with this one only makes me want to know more about him.

Sounds intersting right, well it is. I can see that story has lots more to tell so I am eargerly awaiting more! A 7/10!