Dark Moon (Firebringer Trilogy)

Dark Moon - Meredith Ann Pierce The second book to the Firebringer Trilogy didnt let me down, in fact it exceeded expectations! The book is written by Meredeth Ann Pierce and I have got to say she enthralled me with her veiw on the lives lived as a unicorn. If you are reading this now don't ride this off as a childrens fairy tale; if you look, you can see deep concepts in this work of art. I have no doubt that this was written for children but she didnt leave out the serious stuff in this either that you would consider to not be in a YA novel. There is complicated family ties, war and racism, gods and religon, love and madness. Everything that any reader would want just put in a way that the younger generation would not see it so keenly.
The thing that really struck me though is the engery edmitting from this book, it is contagious and thrilling. I feel like I ran the wide Plain at breakneck speed with Jan, along his journey. So I don't have any complaints for this wonderous story except that I wouldn't have minded it to be more dark, but then there are the kids.
I dub this book a 7/10.