The Son of Summer Stars (Birth of the Firebringer)

The Son of Summer Stars - Meredith Ann Pierce Another great hit and a thrilling conclusion to the Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce! It susceeded in uniting all the subplots and creating an epic ending to the "big" plot in general. I was very satisfied. Pierce has a very formal way of writing that suits the tale and I like how the tale is told by a supporting character, interesting way to go. Also, God is referenced many times but in a different guise. I don't know about you but everytime I read Christian literature in a fantasy setting it turns the magical meter off. I then lose interest, sad I know but for the first time it didn't happen. Pierce accomplished the hard combination of Christanity and Fantasy. Good jod! Most of all however, is the adressing in depth emotions and issues that everyone goes through in life, I like her veiw on it. Lastly take a look at the cover... now, I got to say that this cover rocks! Like all of the other covers it has a kind of bleery qaulity that draws you into the motion of the story.
Anyway, if you love unicorns, are christian, philisophical meanderings, or a exciting fantasy story; then this series is for you. Thank you Pierce for the great journey that I will never forget. Another 7/10!